Our Logo & Shirt

The Breathe Better Air logo is a tree with blossoming blue leaves. When the idea of The Breathe Better Air campaign was in creation, so was the idea of the logo that would represent it. During the time of making the logo, St. Maarten was in dire need for clean air and oxygen. The dump was on fire and many residents were facing respiratory health issues. Since the campaign’s name is ‘Breathe Better Air’ I thought that a tree as the logo would be a perfect fit because trees produce oxygen for people to breathe. Trees also symbolize life and growth and I knew that St. Maarten would grow and move past the tragedy of having a burning dump that causes air pollution island-wide. The tree leaves are blue because it symbolizes the skies of Sint Maarten. Even though at the time of the making of the logo the skies were usually covered with black clouds and air pollution coming from the Dump, I still hoped for a better future for Sint Maarten where there will be clear skies once again.

When I was designing the T-shirt, it was important to me that I create something that besides being unique, would be wearable. The reason the design of the shirt is one of a baseball tee instead of a t-shirt was that it seemed like almost every company and business was using the same design of shirt. Many people would buy these t-shirts to give a donation, but they would sit in the bottom of a drawer and not be worn. It was important to me that supporters of the cause be able to enjoy wearing the t-shirt. Breathe Better Air is a campaign like no other and I wanted everyone to know that when you wear the shirt, you show support for a better future for Sint Maarten. 

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