The next 10 years…

In a decade’s worth of breaths I hope that Breathe Better Air will become a well known non-profit organization. I believe that the message that this campaign brings will touch many people’s hearts like it has touched mine. The environment is everyone’s home and we should all have some part in helping it blossom. I also have high hopes that there will be an island wide ban on single use plastic and Sint Maarten will be an eco friendly island with no pollution. If single use plastic is banned like I have confidence that it will, then there will be less trash on the streets and in our seas. There will be no more styrofoam boxes along the pondfill nor any plastic bags caught in trees or any sort of plastic trash in the salt pond. Local fish will be free from microplastics and there will be more fish and marine life than ever and an even bigger spike in clean air free from toxic chemicals than used to emit from The Dump. People will instead use products made of materials such as sugar cane bagasse, bamboo and cornstarch PLA. Composting will be common and every garden in St Maarten will be green. Perhaps our island will even have a community composter, where everyone would bring their compostable trash. The resulting compost would be used in fresh fruit and vegetable gardens in St Maarten homes. I dream for St. Maarten, my home, my island and even though I know that it is a large step for St Maarten, I believe that St. Maarten  can achieve many great things in our future.

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