A Creative Empowered
Young Woman


“I am a creative person who finds comfort in different mediums such as photography, painting, playing the ukulele, and writing and I always look forward to expanding my horizons. When I asked friends to describe me, I was met with words such as persistent and empowering because of my hustle from creating Breathe Better Air to making sure that my book gets published. I spend my time surrounding myself with the people I love the most—my friends and family. Besides advocating for a better environment, I am also very passionate when it comes to women and LGBTQ rights. I believe that because I have a voice, I should use it to advocate for those who do not have the platform that I do.”
Sara Bhwawani's Home in Pointe Blanche

Above: In Point Blanche near Sara’s home

Portrait of Sara

“A Tireless Advocate for the Environment

Sara is a tireless advocate for the environment. When she’s not working to improve awareness of the dangers of single-use plastic in her homeland of the Caribbean, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing with her Maltese Marshmallow, making art, and memorizing the lyrics of every song known to man. She plans to win big on the gameshow “Name That Tune” someday.

You can follow along with Sara’s activities on Facebook @breathebetterairsxm. With your help, we can make our world a healthier place for everyone

“Easily Underestimated
  but Truly Formidable”

Sara has a quiet strength that is quite formidable because she is easily underestimated. She is not loudly opinionated and gregarious but listens carefully to form her insightful judgments and cannot be pushed or forced in a direction she doesn’t see as the right path. Her ability to clearly and easily see right from wrong is her best strength, and this inner moral compass drives her in her activism. She will never commit to anything big or small and not follow through. She is an empathic person who thrives on positive energy and good interpersonal relations, which is helpful with her activism.

Sara with Breathe Better Air Volunteers making candles for Candles for a Cause Fundraiser.

Green Stream Radio with Sara Bharwani
cradles to crayons