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How It All Began.

At 13, in 2017, Sara experienced the devastating Hurricane Irma. While more fortunate than most, she was sent away to live with her family, living away from her beloved St. Maarten and her parents for the first time in her young life. The hazardous effects of Hurricane Irma continued to be felt in St. Maarten long after it had passed. All the debris collected on the island ended up on the Pondfill Dump, which became overloaded beyond capacity. The landfill continued to burn for most of 2018. It was an emotionally frightening and confusing time. Upon her return to St. Maarten, she started experiencing severe asthma attacks due to the smoking Dump. Years before the pandemic, she wore a smoke mask on the ride to school and sometimes even in the classroom. It became unbearable. Sara decided to take matters into her own hands to raise awareness. Creating the Breathe Better Air Campaign was her first step into taking a stance and attempting to make a change on her beloved island of St. Maarten.

Pomdfill Fire
Pomdfill Dump Fire 2017 About Page Image Breathe Better Air
Map of Sint Maarten
Hurricane Irma Map Forecast Breathe Better Air
Hurricane Irma Breathe Better Air

NY Times Video of Hurricane Irma’s devastation of Sint Maarten.


Clean. Renewable. Sustainable.

We are dedicated to keeping the island of St. Maarten beautiful by actively creating change in order to have a sustainable and healthy future for all our citizens.
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