Plastics Free SXM Project


Even though the law banning  Single-Use Plastics has been passed, the Government of St Maarten is now faced with the challenge of implementing and enforcing the ban.

The Government’s Plastics Free SXM project was launched on February 22nd, 2023, SEE VIDEO and will cover a broad range, including:

●      Partnering with local environmental NGOs with research on the environmental effect of single-use plastics on St. Maarten and how to mitigate

●      Working with the Justice Department to control single-use plastic use, including identifying and issuing fines.

●      Raising awareness through the media regarding the dangers of single-use plastics to the environment

●      Education in schools – the government plans to print and distribute Sara’s book for the awareness campaign. Sara will be able to read the book to schoolchildren and speak about the issue.

The Government of St. Maarten intends to use Sara as one of the faces of the media campaign to educate the youth and raise awareness.

Sara Bharwani with Kim Saves the Ocean Book portrait photo

Educating the Youth on single-use plastics


Kim Saves the Ocean has secured a funding grant from Resembid/Expertise France to produce 600 copies for free distribution to young students, aligning with the Plastic-Free SXM Project. Sara will read her book to young children in the public schools on the island and speak to them about the dangers of discarded single-use plastics. The intention is to raise awareness in children while they are easily impressionable to mitigate behavioral changes at an early age.  She still carries with her, the love of picture books as a little girl and their influence on her, so this project is very dear to her heart.


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