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Start of A MOVEment

While the Pondfill Dump burned chemical toxic fumes from the overflow of debris leftover from Hurricane Irma, Sara began by raising awareness on Social Media and writing a newspaper article in the Daily Herald. She participated in the School Community Service Fair and persuaded fellow students to join her campaign. After the media awareness campaign, she expanded into a T-Shirt Fundraising Activity where the volunteers sold t-shirts she designed with the Breathe Better Air logo. The fundraiser raised $1000, which the Breathe Better Air Campaign donated to the Nature Foundation. Following this, the campaign then began the important task of surveying the health effect of the burning Dump on the island’s residents. READ ARTICLE

History & Timeline of Campaign


2018 Pondfill Dump Fire

Dump Fires Burned for the entire year 2018 after Hurricane Irma

September 2018 - Dump Fire Video Released to Facebook

Sara released Dump Fire Video on Facebook


September 2018 - Teen Times releases Article

Sara writes article for Teen Times bringing attention to the Dump Fire predicament and raising awareness for her T-shirt fundraiser



November 2018 - Volunteer Fair - Learning Unlimited School

Sara recruits volunteers at  Learning Unlimited School



November 2018 - BBA T-shirt Fundraiser

Sara created The Breathe Better Air T-shirt as a fundraiser


December 2018 - The Survey & Dr. Spencer

Dr. Spencer guided Sara to survey residents on the effects of the fire. Some residents did not want to participate.



September 2019 - Donated $1K to Nature Foundation NGO

BBA T-shirt Fundraiser raised $1000 for Nature Foundation NGO READ MORE


February 2020 - Pondfill Fire Extinguished

The Dump is no longer a national emergency due to survey evidence. READ MORE

Pomdfill Dump Fire 2017 About Page Image Breathe Better Air
man at the dump fire sent Maarten
St. Dominic's Fair Photo   Sara Bharwani Breathe Better Air About Page
Sara at Learning Unlimited Community Service Fair.
Sara with Green Initiaives
The very first t-shirt sold!
volunteers with Sara Bharwani Breathe Better Air About Us Photo
Sara and her Volunteers set up shop.
BBA group photo
The Breathe Better Air Family
Sara’s first video captures the burning smoke on her daily ride to school.

The Survey


Following the campaign’s awareness phase conducted in the media and in person, Sara spoke with Dr. Spencer, who advised her to gather actual data on how the dump was affecting the respiratory system of the people of St. Maarten. Dr. Spencer guided Sara regarding questions to put in an online survey, which she then posted alongside a video of her fellow volunteers. Sara and her volunteers also went to the area where the Dump was burning since people are residing in the immediate vicinity in make-shift homes. The smoke was thickest in this area, the scent unbearable.

This video was made by Sara and her fellow Volunteers to encourage the residents of
St. Maarten to take the Survey.

The St. Maarten Pondfill Dump impact Survey pdf



 The Campaign received nearly 200 responses online but had a more challenging time interviewing people near the dump site. Even though the young volunteers were non-threatening, the people living there either did not want to be interviewed or claimed their health was fine and in no way affected by the Dump’s smoke. It became apparent that because of their immigration/socio-economic status, the residents feared losing their homes without being provided an alternative place to live. Soon after Breathe Better Air’s survey appeared online, the St. Maarten government did its survey, READ ARTICLE, and is continuing to look for solutions to relocate the beleaguered residents of the Dump area. READ ARTICLE


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