Recycling Factory

Pomfret Independent Study

Starting in the Spring Term of 2023, Sara will undertake an independent study of the viability of a plastic bottle recycling factory.


Synopsis & Science

Pomfret School has an independent study and certificate program where students create a project based on their interests outside their academics. My interest for this year has been primarily advocating for a plastic bottle recycling factory in St. Maarten. Thus far, I have interviewed the owners and leaders of high-ranked environmental companies in St. Maarten. One of these people was Maxine Arnal, the Director of Verde SXM. He gave me insight into the process of composting materials into nutrient-filled soil. He also discussed and presented me with details about the machinery that is involved with sorting, recycling, and reusing plastic. The candidates for my interviews were from both the French and Dutch sides. My project will not meet its end at just interviews; at the end of the year, I plan on creating a complete pitch for a plastic bottle recycling factory.

person sorting recycling in factory
Man in front of recycling Sara Bhwarwani
Sara with

Sara with Maxine Arnel, the Director of Verde SXM


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